Shots a hole in the American lung when visiting the dentist

Shots a hole in the American lung when visiting the dentist

60-year-old Tom Josie had a cavity, so the dentist reached out to make the drill. When the device got stuck in Josie’s mouth, he had to cough. With a violent inhale before that, the drill bit separated and ended up in the American’s lung. “I didn’t feel it even when I walked in,” Josie told a local TV station.

deep in the lung

A hospital examination showed how deep the drill bit was in his lung. It also turned out that Josie did not swallow the metal rod, which is about 2.5 cm long, but rather inhaled it.

It was still exciting for Americans when it wasn’t immediately clear how the drills should be removed. The thing was too deep for the usual equipment. And if the drill cannot be removed, it will likely cost Josie part of his lung.


In the end, new equipment used to detect cancer offered a solution. This allowed the drill bit to be located and removed, much to Josie’s relief. “I was never happier than when I woke up and saw the doctor with the drill in a plastic bowl,” he said.

The American was allowed to take the tool home as a souvenir. It is now in a closet in his living room.

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