Shipping news: Herbert won his first NFL victory in 39-29 on penalties over Jaguars

Shipping news: Herbert won his first NFL victory in 39-29 on penalties over Jaguars

As the defensive ending Melvin Ingram said in his post-match squeeze, it wasn’t the most beautiful win, but it was a win nonetheless, and the Chargers won’t apologize for it.

In another stunning performance by rising midfielder Justin Herbert, Shipper avoided an intense comeback by the Jaguars to eventually overtake them 39-29 behind them with 347 high-passing yards and four overall touchdowns from Public Choice No. 6.

Joined by rookie Joe Burrow who played against the Cleveland Browns earlier in the day, Herbert became the only other player in his first year to pass 300 yards, throwing three touchdowns, and dashing for a score in one game in NFL history .

The scoring was started that night by Michael Badgley who diverted a 35-yard field goal in the opening round of the match. With five seconds remaining in the first quarter, wide-rising recipient Joe Reid peeked at the sweep of a plane and winded his way through seven-yard defenders in his first NFL landing that put Shipper ahead 9-0 after Badgley missed a point attempt Incremental.

Herbert’s first throw of the day went to the tight end of Donald Parham’s XFL with 10 minutes remaining in the second half. The result was his second landing in the most possible number of trolling in the NFL.

The Jaguars were able to regain momentum again with a pair of touchdowns by back-running apprentice James Robinson, who finished off with 119 yards speeding up on 22 gigs and an additional 18 yards.

The Charger team took a 16-14 lead in the first half, but saw the lead quickly fade away when the Jags halted a kick just 99 seconds into the second half, brought it back 16 yards for the touchdown and advanced 21-16.

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In the drive that followed, Herbert threw his second landing with a court end, by chance on Tight National Ends Day, when he raised a pretty ball to Virgil Green in the back corner of the finish zone for a 26-yard score.

The shot was officially fired when the Jaguars responded with a 28-yard drop from Gardner Minshew to Chris Conley’s wide receiver, pushing them back into the lead at 29-22 after switching the two-point diversion.

After just 58 seconds, Herbert hit a broken streak from Galen Guyton on the right side in his second drop over 70 yards this season – and the third set – to equalize the match at 29-29.

The Chargers’ team was finally able to extend their lead and put the game away forever after a five-yard dash from Herbert to finish the third quarter and a final 35-yard field goal from Badgley to take the final score 39-29.

Defensively, Bolts began forcing the Jags to go three in a row four times in a row to start the game with not being allowed to be completed by Minshew until the second quarter. The lash of passes also benefited from Jacksonville’s five forward shots and knocked down The ‘Stache five times, including the top 1.5 team by Uchenna Nwosu. Damion Square and Desmond King added a sack while Joey Bosa, Kyzir White, and Isaac Rochell scored half of the quarterback removal process. Kenneth Murray Jr. broke up the team’s only pass that day.

Shippers are now 2-4 in the season and they will head to Denver next week to face a 2-4 Broncos knocking out 43-16 shots by the Presidents.

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