Sheikh Mohammad Imran was taken out as Deputy Mayor of Srinagar adhering to his arrest


At a somewhat hard time, a little something far more is brewing against Mayor of Srinagar Junaid Azim Mattu as he braces to encounter a no-self-confidence motion moved by Srinagar Municipal Company (SMC) Corporators, in search of his ouster from the post. This is the 2nd time that Mattu faces a ground take a look at. And if Mattu loses, former Deputy Mayor Sheikh Mohammad Imran may possibly turn into the next Mayor of Srinagar. It must be noted that Sheikh Imran was arrested very last 12 months in a bank fraud case.

On Thursday, the no-confidence motion was submitted by BJP and Congress Corporators led by Sheikh Imran. They had claimed that the Mayor had missing the vast majority.

Sheikh Mohammad Imran

In December final calendar year, Mattu experienced survived an NCM or no-self-assurance motion when he proved the the greater part on the flooring of the House. However, just before the vote, the then Deputy Mayor Sheikh Imran experienced resigned.

It is been just six months and Sheikh Imran is at it again. He has got the Corporators with him once again and wants to get the coveted title. The transfer is now remaining supported by the BJP, Congress and some Corporators.

Imran arrested by the ACB in 2019

In an alleged misappropriation of crores of rupees, Sheikh Imran was arrested by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) in December final yr.

He experienced an NCM handed in opposition to him and was eradicated from the put up of the Deputy Mayor. This was because of to his arrest and questioning in relationship with unlawful appropriation of subsidy presented to his business for location up of a Controlled Ambiance (CA) retail outlet.

In accordance to an anti-corruption bureau spokesperson, the ACB investigation experienced disclosed that resources intended for construction of a CA retail store had been diverted.

It was mentioned that a loan was passed for Sheikh Imran’s firm Kehwa Team of Rs 138 crore with the JK Lender for a venture. And below a well-knit conspiracy, the venture was restructured for just an amount of Rs 78 crore.

When the inquiry was initiated into the issue, it was learnt that there ended up six a lot more small business models owned by the Kehwa Team and Sheikh Imran lifted various financial loan services and overdrafts for these models.

In accordance to the ACB spokesperson, “The liabilities on account of mortgage gathered to Rs 138 crore. Given that, just one of the corporation Kehwa Sq. had turned non-carrying out asset, Imran sought just one-time settlement with the JK Financial institution authorities.”


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