Shanghai will rest from Monday after weeks of strict lockdown now

Shanghai will rest from Monday after weeks of strict lockdown now

After more than six weeks of strict COVID-19 lockdowns, Shanghai will gradually reopen from Monday. That press agency reports Reuters Sunday.

First, businesses such as stores and barbershops will open their doors. Many of these slots are only allowed in a limited capacity. No details are known yet about the frequency and extent of the easing.

The townspeople don’t believe much of the mayor’s words. Many of the population of 26 million have been in strict lockdown since the end of February. They are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of access to food and care, the poor quality of government food rations, and the location of quarantine centers. Online shopping was also nearly impossible due to the lack of delivery drivers. Several statements critical of living conditions have been banned on social media.

Target zero has been reached on the outskirts of Shanghai

China has an exceptional viewpoint in eliminating the virus: it aims to have no infections. To achieve this, the entire population had to be tested. To this end, the government deployed the army and sent thousands of health workers to Shanghai.

Target zero has been reached on the outskirts of Shanghai. So the first relaxation will be used there. At the same time, measures have been tightened at the center in the past two weeks. Among other things, fences were placed around the apartment complexes and the number of deliveries to homes was further reduced.

The number of infections continues to decline. For example, only 168 new infections were identified on Saturday.

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In Beijing, politics is tightened

A lockdown has also been imposed in the capital since the beginning of May, although it concerns only a few dozen infections. As of May 5, a recent negative coronavirus test is required to use “all types of public places and public transportation.”

Beijing tightened its measures on Sunday. In four regions of the Chinese capital, including its largest, Chaoyang District, the obligation to work from home now also applies. And 55 new infections were recorded on Sunday.

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