Several members of the security forces were injured as a result of armed attacks

Several members of the security forces were injured as a result of armed attacks

The media spokesman for the Public Security Directorate in Jordan stated that a security force dealt with riots, burning of vehicles and shooting in the air by a group of people in the Naour area, west of the Jordanian capital, Amman.

And the security spokesman added that the violent incidents led to the injury of four public security men and they were taken to hospital while they are under treatment.

The spokesman said that the security force is still dealing with a number of rioters and has not allowed them to break the law, infringe and disrupt the course of public life, and they will be dealt with firmly.

For its part, the Ministry of Interior issued a statement in which it said: “The past few hours have witnessed, with great regret, armed attacks on the salaries of the Public Security Service working and watching over the law enforcement in the Malha area near the Queen Alia International Airport road, and the injury of some members of the Public Security Agency whom we call for. They have a speedy recovery.”

The statement added: “And recalling the Ministry of Interior’s statements issued during the past days, in which it stressed that it will not allow any gatherings, events, or building poetry houses that violate the laws regulating the right of assembly and would tamper with our social fabric and threaten civil peace, it stresses once again that any transgression According to the law, and any attack on the salaries of the Public Security Service will be dealt with decisively and firmly in accordance with the law, in a manner that preserves the security and safety of citizens, their property and public property, and the security and safety of public security salaries who ensure the enforcement of the law and the maintenance of security and order.

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