Sergio Perez on the American streak in Formula 1: ‘We need the historic jobs’

Pérez over Amerikaanse lijn in F1: "We hebben de historische banen wel nodig"

Sergio Perez says he is happy to race the Las Vegas Grand Prix in 2023, but cautions that the new circuits should have the character that the traditional circuits already have.

Formula 1 has been working for some time to launch the sport in the United States. With a race in Las Vegas, the counter is now at three Grand Prixes in the country. The new circles at the expense of the old and the fear is that some of the iconic circles will eventually disappear. Teammate Max Verstappen also hopes some traditional jobs will always remain.

“Everything will get better”

“It’s great that Formula 1 is growing on another continent. In the end it will benefit us all,” said the 32-year-old Perez. And then he comes to the initial conclusion: “It’s fantastic.” However, he also has a critical note. “But at the same time, it would be good to protect history within the sport. We need those historical episodes to stay with ourselves,” he continues.

“Maybe I’m finally able to live at home again”

The two-time race winner doesn’t just see the flaws in the new cycle of policymakers. “Formula 1 has become a little more American and of course it is closer to Mexico,” says Perez. He continues, “Maybe I can finally live at home again. That would be great. It’s also good that the sport grows so much in the United States, and everywhere in America,” he concludes.

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