Sergio Perez lacks personality in new episodes

Sergio Perez lacks personality in new episodes

The Formula 1 calendar is increasingly taking new forms. Recently, for example, the Las Vegas Grand Prix was announced, and Imola and Qatar were also recently added for the coming years. This year is also the first time the Miami Grand Prix has been shown on the programme, and since last year, races have also been held in Jeddah.

Many new circles cut through the cities, and thus are forests of concrete. It is very good for the technical marketing aspect of the sport but from the sporting point of view it can have consequences. The addition of races means other races have to worry about them. There are concerns about the future of the historic races at Spa and Monaco.


Not everyone is happy about it, including Sergio Perez. Motorsport Week quotes the Mexican Red Bull driver as being strikingly candid: “First of all, I think it’s very good that Formula 1 is growing on a new continent. It’s a great opportunity for Formula 1 and I think everyone will take advantage of it. It’s fantastic. But at the same time it would be good if we preserve the history. We always need the historical paths. We need to make sure that the new places are real circles full of characters.”


The character of the new circles is very important to famous Mexicans. On the other hand, Perez does not mind at all that people are moving more to the United States: “I have a feeling that some of the new circuits are lacking in character. And that’s really important. Formula 1 is getting more American and that’s a nice thing near Mexico. So maybe I can finally do that.” I start living at home, so that’s cool! I mean, it’s great to see how much the sport has grown in the States.”

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