Senior customs officer’s revenge: informing him of his sister

Senior customs officer's revenge: informing him of his sister

This is one of the strangest cases encountered by customs officials at Ben Gurion Airport in recent years, which reached the state commission and the court. L, the chief customs inspector, flew with his sister and family on a trip to the United States about four years ago and decided to get her revenge.

According to the suspicion, he called (l. date.

“I came across a family from Israel and I had a clear suspicion of buying mobile devices, including clothes in commercial quantities. I have their data and I want to ask him to drop them off for a thorough check. The amount of baggage they took is very unusual, smuggling should be prevented “on them immediately upon disembarkation.”

He forgot to tell his supervisor that she was his sister.

At the end of the investigation, (L) contacted the Commissioner of Customs Intelligence to find out the results of the investigation, but he continued to conceal that he was his sister and her family. But soon the identity of the persons became clear to the customs commissioner. According to him, “L” was very interested in the results of the test and was upset by the fact that nothing was found in the luggage.

Subsequently, a lawsuit was filed against L. In the Personnel Service Commission court for non-disclosure, reporting and abuse of office.

A customs security officer in the North claimed during the trial that the fact that the results of the search at Ben Gurion Airport in the bags of the nurse and her family did not give rise to any suspicion that the information was not reliable and that the persons concerned had been harmed. and sadness.

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(L) claimed that he was interested in the test results because he feared the case would fall on him. “I didn’t mention it was my sister and her family for fear of being harassed. Worrying about my sister was high on my mind.”

The judges rejected L.’s account. Regarding why he did not reveal his sister and her family. The judges of the court (L.) acquitted and obstructed her proper work. He was punished with reprimand in the personal case.

(L) appealed to the Haifa District Court against his conviction. The judge dismissed his appeal and upheld L.’s conviction. The judge noted that “L” intentionally did not tell his superiors that she was his sister and her family.

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