Sengkang grand residences Latest Updates

The sengkang grand residences had new and mixed developments that are bounded by the compass value bow. It is located in the north eastern region of Singapore and the Bangkok MRT station is served at the north east line. It comes under the confirmed sites list and it had many developed residential apartments with commercial space. The total area of the gross floor had 78,236 square meters. The expertise proven developments and integrated developments are presented in the sengkang grand residences. It serves a lot of advantages for placing in these residences. It had 680 units with a 99-year leasehold condominium and it is located in district 19. This residence is built with multiple numbers features and these features give a better experience.


Affordable Price


This residence is located in main places of the city and the public transportation services are near for these residences. These developers follow well-executed strategies for developing their services. The business growth depends upon the customers. They mostly wanted affordable prices. Community plaza, hawker centre, Bangkok MRT bus station, and hawker centre are near to this residence. Residential property is made with the help of Siena residential development. Each of the developers takes 50% interest in this residence. The land area is translated into a large amount in gross floor area. They make many redevelopment activities for the market development. The sengkang grand residences floor plan is one of the impressive features.  


It also had 700 units in the residential and commercial sites in 2015. Plenty of amenities are near the residential area and it has advanced transport facilities. They are planned to expect 682 residential condos with 9 blocks and the 1 to 5 bedroom units are inbuilt with the residences. According to the chief executive, two developers are allowed to pull the resources in the transformed site. It is located in the outstanding focal area. 

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Benefits for Sengkang Grand Residences


Tranquillity and peace rule the complete area of Sengkang central had more advancement. It had numerous schools which I am given below:


Primary Schools:

  • North Vista Primary School
  • CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity
  • Palm View Primary School
  • Montfort Junior School
  • Seng Kang Primary School
  • Tio Chu Kang Primary School
  • Nan Chiau Primary School
  • Punggol Primary School
  • Holy Innocents Primary School


Secondary Schools:

  • Sengkang Secondary School
  • Nan Chiau High School
  • Montfort Secondary School
  • Hougang Secondary School
  • Holy Innocents’ High School
  • Compassvale Secondary School
  • Xinmin Secondary School
  • CHIJ Joseph’s Convent


These schools are given advantages for this residences and it also inbuilt with the kid’s education schools. Plenty of benefits are given by these residences and the developers are aimed to make more developments in the residences. 


Hougang Mall


Many best shopping malls are surrounded by the Hougang mall and it gives them more enjoyment. The children’s park is a peaceful place and it gives additional benefits for the production. Developers are mostly concerned with user satisfaction. The childcare centres and preschools are PCF Punggol central blk, PCF Punggol east blk and it has many neighbourhood areas in the residences. 






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