Selling smart phones? You should pay attention to this | Technique

Selling smart phones?  You should pay attention to this |  Technique

Does your subscription expire and can you choose a new device? It’s a shame you let your “old” phone accumulate dust in the closet for years. Instead, it is better to sell it. This is how you prepare your smartphone for sale.

It is possible that you used the old device for a longer period of time, so it is enough with personal settings, photos and applications. In order not to lose this data, you can make a backup or backup copy. That’s how you do it.

Backup on Android

Open the app settings, tap “Google”, then “Backup” and “Backup Now”. make backups? Once you sign in on your new device with the same Google account, your backup can be restored.

Your photos are not included in this. You can transfer them to your new device via the free cloud service Google Photos. Make sure to use the correct setting so that the original file is saved.

Open the app, tap on your profile picture, and select “Settings and Photos”. Under Backup and Sync, make sure this option is activated. It will take some time to sync all the photos.

This is how to backup your iPhone

Under “Settings,” tap your name, then “iCloud” and “iCloud Backup.” By enabling this function, the iPhone is automatically backed up every day and stored in the iCloud cloud service. With Backup Now, you can make a backup manually.

Don’t forget to backup your WhatsApp messages when you move to a new device. Open Settings and then go to Chats. Choose “Chat Backup” or “Chat Backup” here to back up your chat history. On your new device, WhatsApp automatically indicates that a backup was found when you sign in, so it keeps all messages from your old device.

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Return to factory settings

Are you sure you have backed up all important data? Then it’s time to reset your old phone to factory settings. In this way, your personal data, settings and photos will be deleted. If your device has been reset, it is important to remove the SIM card and any microSD card immediately. Then you can’t forget about it anyway.

Android: Under Settings, depending on your phone, go to “Privacy”, “General management”, “Backup and restore” or “Advanced options”. Then choose “Restore Factory Settings” and follow the steps.

Iphone: Open Settings and tap “General”. Then scroll down and select Transfer or Reset iPhone. With Getting Started, you can transfer all your data directly to your new iPhone. You can also choose Reset if you have already backed up or are switching to an Android phone.

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time to sell

Don’t leave your old device in the closet for too long. The longer you wait, the less valuable the device will be. Before you know it, a newer model of your phone will be on store shelves.

Also consider the appearance of the new hardware. For example, new iPhones usually appear in September, and Samsung Galaxy S phones usually appear in February. If possible, try to sell your device before new phones are announced. At that time, manufacturers also often lower the prices of previous models, making your device less valuable.

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Selling via Marktplaats or elsewhere?

Do you not want strangers at the door or are you afraid of being scammed by Marktplaats? You can also offer your old device to buying companies like, ReBuy and Swappie. You can also trade in your old device at manufacturers, such as Apple and Samsung, for a discount via their website.

The amounts offered by the above companies are often less than what you can get through Marktplaats. If you enter your phone model on the website of one of these companies and describe the condition of the device, you will receive an indication of the return.

If that amount sounds good to you, you can often send the device in for free. You will then get the promised amount. However, if the device turns out to be in a different condition than you provided, you will often receive a lower offer. You can still decline the offer. It’s smart to take some pictures of your device before sending it so you have proof of the state you left the phone in.

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