Self-repair: Google Partner and iFixit for Pixel Parts

Photo: Andy Miller/iFixit

In collaboration with the repair specialists at iFixit, Google is expanding its Pixel smartphone repair options. By the end of this year, the corresponding original spare parts and tools will be offered via the iFixit website.

The supply of original Google parts and tools from iFixit on the one hand is aimed at repair experts, but on the other hand, it is also aimed at technically savvy consumers who want to repair their smartphone by themselves.

Spare parts also made in Germany

In the USA, Canada, Australia, EU countries and Great Britain, original Pixel parts for the Pixel 2 up to the current Pixel 6 (Pro) (tested) as well as future parts will be available so far on from the end of this year Pixel phones are being offered The new smart unannounced. Google talks about a full range of replacement parts for common repairs, including batteries, displays, cameras, and other components. Google has not yet announced the cost of these components.

Kits with planned tools

On the other hand, only individual spare parts that can be fitted with your own tools will be offered, but so-called iFixit Fix Kits, which contain tools such as screwdrivers and spatulas, will also be offered.

Other repair options

Through the collaboration, Google wants to expand the possibilities of repairing Pixel smartphones. In the USA and Canada, smartphones can also be repaired within and outside the warranty period by providers such as uBreakiFix, and there are similar partnerships with on-site support in Germany, Japan and Great Britain. In principle, repair options are available in all countries where Pixel smartphones are officially sold. Google says it provides training, materials, tools, and parts to authorized repair partners and plans to expand in the future.

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Apple and Samsung are also planning self-repair

Google isn’t the first to offer fixes to consumers. Apple plans to start selling parts and tools directly to customers in the US later this year as part of “self-service repairs.” The software will initially be available for iPhone 12 and 13, with Mac computers with an M1 chip to follow. At the end of March, Samsung also announced to the USA that it wants to launch a consumer repair program this summer, also in cooperation with iFixit. You should start with the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 as well as the Galaxy Tab S7+.

Update 04/08/2022 8:15 PM

ComputerBase received information about this article from Google under a non-disclosure agreement. The only requirement was the earliest possible publication date.

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