Second F1 race in the Netherlands? Grand Prix Assen Club picks vacancy for 2021 Australian Grand Prix

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Grand Prix Assen is still hopeful that TT will take Australia’s place on the 2021 calendar. The Australian Grand Prix was initially postponed from March to November, but has been cancelled, meaning the event will not be on the Formula 1 calendar for the second consecutive season. . This means that Round 21 of the 2021 season in its current form still has a vacancy to be filled. And if the Assen club had their way, TT Circuit, based in Assen, the Netherlands, would be the venue for the F1 race.

Where there is a will there is a way
The organization defines itself as a “pop-up working group” and while they know this may be a case of “fighting a losing battle”, hopes remain that Formula 1 will come to Assen. Founded in 2019, the club fought to bring the Dutch Grand Prix to Assen before Zandvoort finally got the rights. We are a spin-off business group, says Joost van Keulen on behalf of the Business Club, citing We sleep until we need. We may be fighting a losing battle. But at least we have a lot of fun and will continue to put TT Circuit on the map. And where there is a will, there is a way, Planetf1 reports.

Max Verstappen World Champion in Assen?
Through their Facebook page, the Grand Prix Assen club used the ability to see Max Verstappen crowned world champion in front of a local audience as an attraction. If the race is going to get wet and cold at the end of November, it would be great if Max Verstappen becomes world champion for the first time during the second Dutch Grand Prix in Assen, they wrote.

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There is still a lot of work to do
TT Circuit Assen in the northeast of the Netherlands has made a name for itself as a motor racing site and in its current form does not hold the Class A safety certification needed for Formula 1. As it stands, Van Keulen acknowledges this connection with TT circuit management was limited. This is different, but we still think it’s possible. He said that where there is a will, there is a way. “If the Formula 1 Department (FOM) came to Assen with a serious request, it should be possible.”

TT Circuit Chairman Arjan Bose said there was “nothing happening at the moment” regarding Asen’s chances of taking Australia’s place. So there is still enough work for the Grand Prix Assen Club to get its way at the moment.

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