Seat skater Jeroen Kampshire qualifies for the games: “five golds are theoretically possible”

Seat skater Jeroen Kampshire qualifies for the games: "five golds are theoretically possible"

Jeroen Kampschreur in a fight during a training camp in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. (Photo: Falco Teitsma).

Zetski Jeroen Kampchror unofficially qualified for the 2022 Winter Paralympic Games at the World Cup in Switzerland last week, and the former 21-year-old Laidorberger won a gold medal at the 2018 Games. Now he hopes to win more.

“It was actually the first moment that you could be officially hired, so I thought I would take this opportunity right away,” says Campchor. In the World Cup, he won two golds and two silvers, which is more than enough to qualify informally for the games. “The result will only be evaluated by the NOC * NSF, but I don’t expect any issues with that. He’s now qualified for the slalom and giant slalom components, and three more components will be discussed in the coming weeks.”

This will be the second Paralympic Games for Cambridgeshire, who won the gold medal in the super group in 2018. “I know I can do more in 2022 than then,” says Campchorro. “It was the first time that I played everything that is still exciting and new. I think I can control myself better the second time. Of course it is still something special and there is tremendous pressure on it, but I think the extra years of experience will bring me a lot.”

In 2019, Kampschreur claimed five World Cup golds, something that never happened in bench skiing. “I was in really bad shape at the World Cup Finals,” he explains. “I’ll do my best to live up to that, of course, but five gold slices are very ambitious. Skating is a tough sport, one mistake can spoil the entire race. I don’t set any expectations right now, but five times as much gold is theoretically possible.”

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Cor van der Velden spoke on Nieuws071 with Jeroen Kampschreur about his unofficial situation.

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