Schultz: Continued operation of the nuclear power plant may “make sense” – Barbock’s paradox

Schultz: Continued operation of the nuclear power plant may "make sense" - Barbock's paradox
Germany energy crisis

Scholz believes that nuclear power plants can continue to operate – ‘not an option’ for Baerbock

“Nothing stands in the way of using the turbine.”

In a gas dispute with Russia, Olaf Schultz checked the turbines of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. Temporarily stored in Mülheim that the Ruhr der is on its way from Canada to Russia. Follow the advisor’s visit and statement here.

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During an appearance at Siemens Energy, the federal advisor indicated that he is open to the ongoing temporary operation of nuclear power plants. The Minister of Foreign Affairs contradicts him shortly. Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder calls Schulz’s comments “lukewarm”.

DrAccording to Chancellor Olaf Schultz (SPD), the federal government is considering a somewhat longer use of nuclear energy in light of the impending power shortage. Schultz said on Wednesday in Mülheim that the Ruhr der Power plants are “only relevant to the production of electricity and only a small part of it”. “But it can still make sense.”

Schulz referred to the “different” expansion of renewable energies in the federal states. “You know that in particular in Bavaria, which has progressed slowly, with the expansion of wind power.” Expansion of transport networks to the south “did not progress as quickly as planned”. All this must be taken into account.

Before making a decision, however, Schulz said one must first wait for the result of the current renewable stress test on the power supply. He also noted that gas storage facilities in Germany are currently better filled than in previous years, and that new liquid gas stations planned will start operating from the end of the year. This will greatly improve Germany’s chances of gas imports independent of Russia.

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Due to concerns about Russian gas deliveries being halted, the FDP and the union in particular are demanding an extension of Akw operating times. Under current nuclear law, the three power plants still connected to the grid will have to be removed from the grid at the end of December. So far, the SPD and the Green Party in particular have been skeptical.

Candidate for continued operation: AKW Isar 2 in Bavaria

Candidate for continued operation: AKW Isar 2 in Bavaria

Source: dpa / Armin Weigel

So far, the Greens are also no longer willing to rule out the continuation of at least temporary operations in the event of a crisis. This concerns in particular the Bavarian nuclear power plant Isar-2. Bavaria Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has also spoken in favor of allowing controversial gas production through fracking, especially in Lower Saxony.

But Secretary of State Annalena Barbock appears to be putting an end to the very cautious opening of parts of the Green Party to the temporary ongoing process. While visiting Montreal, Canada, she said, as a member of the Green Party, that prolonging the term was “not an option.”

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WELT author Jack Schuster

“The chancellor also stressed that I think it is important in his statements to talk about heat and therefore gas supplies,” Barbock added. Economy and Climate Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) has already emphasized that “these nuclear power plants do not play a significant role” in securing the winter heat supply, because nuclear power plants produce electricity.

However, Barbock also noted that with a so-called stress test, “all possibilities” regarding fall and winter energy supplies will be examined again.

Sodder demands more speed from Schultz

The chairwoman of the Green Party’s parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Britta Haselmann, expects tough talks about a possible extension of Akko’s term of office. “There will be no small extension of operating periods,” said Haselmann of Bielefeld’s Neue Westfälische (Thursday edition). A decision on any change to the Atomic Energy Act must be taken in the Bundestag. Possible temporary lengthening of old fuel rods may require an “extensive safety check”. The green politician emphasized that the phase-out of nuclear weapons is “clearly regulated by law”. This was decided by broad consensus both legally and in terms of safety and for the purpose of repository issues.

Following the chancellor’s cautious statement, CSU President Markus Soder demanded more speed from the federal government on Wednesday night. “Why lukewarm again? When it comes to nuclear power, the traffic light has echoed for too long and worked with lies. Now there is a need to make decisions,” the Bavarian prime minister told German news agency dpa.

Sodder dismissed Schulz’s criticism of the “slow” expansion of wind power in Bavaria. “Unfortunately, the Federal Chancellor is wrong when he criticizes the expansion of renewable energies in Bavaria.” Also in 2022, Bavaria defended the lead on renewable energies by a large margin. With over 1,000 MW in the first half of the year, we are ahead of all other countries in terms of net expansion. Bavaria is also first when it comes to total installed capacity.”

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