Schott flies 8000 km for the first time

Schott flies 8000 km for the first time

Americans Bridget and Scottish Buddy met on Tinder and hit him up right away. For a first date with her he flies halfway around the world.

A Scotsman flies halfway around the world to meet an American. – Tik Tok /fabledbridge

The basics in brief

  • Bridget and Buddy meet each other on Tinder.
  • But it turns out that the Atlantic Ocean lies between the two.
  • No problem for Paddy – he books a plane ticket to the US.

Anyone who thinks no one is looking for anything serious on Tinder hasn’t met Paddy Campbell. At the age of 32, the Scotsman appeared on the dating platform for the first time. There he quickly began a conversation with a young woman named Bridget.

Just stupid: in fact, he assumed that one of his new acquaintances lives in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. So not far from his hometown of Glasgow.

However, it turns out that Bridget is American and lives in New Glarus, Wisconsin.

But for Paddy, the distance of nearly 8000 kilometers is not an obstacle, because Bridget became dear to him in the weeks that they wrote to each other and talked via video.

When she invited him to accompany her to a wedding, the 32-year-old booked a plane ticket without further ado.

“I’m going to America,” he announced in a TikTok video. “It’s very scary because I’ve never been there before.” This, even though his mother is originally from the USA.

Before leaving, Paddy is nervous. After all, he travels halfway around the world to meet a woman from Tinder he’s never met before.

Tinder: History is a big hit

Upon arriving in America, he was greeted by his beloved. And don’t worry – history couldn’t be better.

Bridget is also active on Tiktok and shares a video on the platform with insights about her meeting in Chicago. She writes: “Best date ever. With the best company.”

Have you ever been on a Tinder date?

The video shows the two holding hands in the city and sipping cocktails. Bridget’s followers are enthusiastic about Paddy: “He’s so cool,” wrote one user. “He seems to be a great guy.”

Others cheers: “It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! And girl, the way he looks at you!”

When a Tiktok user asked her if she’s ever been to Scotland herself, Bridget revealed, “Not yet. But in July!” So it looks like their adventurous love story will continue…

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