Saving electricity using “smart meters”

Saving electricity using "smart meters"


One way to reduce electricity bills is to save electricity. A Smart Meter can help with this. With this digital electricity meter, you can more accurately analyze your electricity consumption and identify energy consumers.

In Vienna and the surrounding area, about 630,000 households are already equipped with a “smart meter”. By 2024, 95 percent of households will have to convert. The great advantage of the “smart meter” is that, if desired, the energy consumption can be displayed in 15-minute intervals. For example, if the rotary dryer is turned on, it can be seen that the power consumption is higher than normal at that exact time, and in this way, the largest power consumers can be identified quite easily.

The Smart Meter does not have an energy saving function, it only provides information on energy consumption. Wiener Netze’s Nicole Kasser compares it to scales: “If I had scales at home, I could stand on the scale and then derive a diet from it, for example, or I do more exercise.” Smart Meter: You cannot save electricity with it, but it provides information about places where electricity can be saved.

Two characters before replacing the electricity meter

In Vienna, the replacement of the electricity meter is announced with a message. The first letter arrives in the mailbox about four weeks before the planned exchange. According to Kasser, it contains all the information about the “smart meter”, such as the options that can be selected. About three weeks before the planned exchange comes a second letter dealing with the date of the planned exchange.

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According to Kasser, there is a set two hours on a specific day when the counter is at his house. This date can easily be postponed. If the old meter is hanging outside the apartment, then a longer period of about ten days is announced for replacement. Clients do not have to be at home for this. Both letters also contain other important information, which are the access codes for the web portal of the smart meter.

Three options to choose from

Customers can choose from three different options of the “smart meter”: standard, subscribeable, and unsubscribe. This means that the energy consumption can be read once a day, once a year or every 15 minutes via a dedicated web portal. Customers who do not move will automatically receive the “Smart Meter” in standard mode. Opt-in and unsubscribe modes must be requested from networks. Changes and switching between operating modes are possible at any time.

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