SASC. It records one death from Corona virus, and 197 new cases

SASC.  It records one death from Corona virus, and 197 new cases

Regina – Another Saskatchewan resident died after testing positive for COVID-19.

The county said the person, aged 80 or over, was from the Northwest Territory. This is the county’s 45th death related to COVID-19.

Saskatchewan also reported 197 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, bringing the number of active cases to 3,322.

The government said in a statement that six new cases are in the far northwest, four from the far northeastern region, five from the northwestern region, 17 from the northwestern region, five from the northeastern region, 56. from Saskatoon, and one from the western region. Central, five from the Middle East, 73 from Regina, 16 from the southwestern region, five from the south-central region, and two from the southeast region.

There are two new cases pending residence information. Five cases awaiting residency information have been identified, including four in the North Central District and one in the Northwest District.

The average new cases in Saskatchewan for seven days is 234, or 19.3 new cases per 100,000 residents.

The province currently has 106 people in hospitals related to COVID-19, including 88 in inpatient care and 18 in intensive care.

Another 137 people were reported to have recovered from the virus on Saturday.


  • 328 active cases from the Far North region (129 Far Northwest, 61 North Central, 138 North East)

  • 731 active cases from the northern region (263 Northwest, 373 North Central, 95 Northeast)

  • 1,108 active cases from Saskatoon

  • 636 active cases from the Regina region

  • 142 active cases from the Central Region (57 Mid-West and 85 Mid-East)

  • 354 active cases from the southern region (97 Southwest, 104 South Central, 153 Southeast)

On Friday, 3,359 tests for COVID-19 were treated in Saskatchewan.

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