Samsung will sell 8K TVs with these beautiful flower walk photos

Onverwachts online: Samsungs wereldwijde promotie van het Zundertse corso

Quite unexpectedly, Samsung put out a promotional film on YouTube that made him talk about the Zundert Flower Parade in 2019. Show Village reacts amazed and very proud of the colorful and lively end result. “It’s a great final result,” said Corso spokesman Lennart Schroen. The video aims to promote the latest 8K TVs.

The show approached in 2019 by a production company from Australia that wanted to make records for the Korean electronics group Samsung. On Zundert they thought of a joke, but it turned out to be a serious matter.

Samsung wanted to show the colorful floral scene all over the world on TV screens in electronics stores. It became the promotional movie From the Dutch Flower Festival to La Mercer, SpainAnd so the parade of flowers ends in one promotional film with the Festes de la Mercè, the street parties in Barcelona, ​​Spain, famous for the human towers that are being built there.

Both events will soon be littered with all the colors of ultra-realistic 8K screens. Sherwin agrees that the movie is going big on Zundert. “I noticed it traded quickly in the Zundert. It’s a little bit of mustard after the meal, that’s how long we had to wait. But the end result shows in a unique way what the show is in Zundert.”

Samsung Promo Film:

Schrauwen would like to know exactly how Samsung will use the video. “We are trying to contact them, because we want to know what they will be using in production at the moment,” he says. “There were also agreements about image rights, but now other people work in the production company, so we really don’t know anything. It’s very difficult to contact them.” The deal left the show with a number of Samsung TVs in 2019.

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Now, more than a year and a half later, a global promotion of the parade has suddenly appeared. “I think the video shows that we are not inferior to the rest of the world at Zundert,” Schrauwen says. “It’s great that Samsung brings us together in one pile with the La Mercè celebration in Barcelona.”

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