Samsung introduces the most expensive smartphone

Samsung introduces the most expensive smartphone

WhatsApp has created a new feature for archived chats folder. This feature allows you to hide all the chats that you do not want. The archived chat comes to the fore when a new message arrives in WhatsApp. But if it is effective, the archived chat will remain in the “Archived Chats Folder”. Do not come to the beginning of the chat list. If you want to bring the relevant chat to the main chat list, you have to “unarchive” it.

WhatsApp said in a statement that after the new message arrives, the archived message moves to the main chat list. Users don’t want that. We’ve heard that users want to keep archived messages in the archived chat folder. For this reason, a new feature has been added, even after the message arrives, the archived chat remains in the archived folder. With this new feature of WhatsApp, you can easily get rid of any annoying and unwanted messages.

If you want to hide this message, you have to follow the below steps.

1. Open the WhatsApp application on the smartphone.

2. Tap and hold the chat you want to archive.

3. In the upper right corner you will see an archive button that looks like a “down arrow”.

4. Click the button to archive the chat.

5. You can archive all chats if you want. For this, click on the “Chats” option at the beginning. Then go to “Settings” from “My Options”.

. Now go to Chat History from the Chats option and archive it.

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