Sam Darnold leaves the game with an injury

Elsa / Getty Images

Sam Darnold couldn’t buy a breather. His entire football career up to this point has been a huge struggle to stay straight and elevate himself through inferior training, which is unfortunate because he could be a good midfielder in the NFL if given the chance to play for a team other than his name as Gates. One of his rare moments of joy – an impressive 46-yard drop in Thursday’s match against the Broncos – gave way to something very bad soon after.

The right midfielder was dealt hard on his right shoulder on AJ Johnson’s sack and was forced off the field. It didn’t look good, especially for very people to me Wishbones are healthy and not be afraid of potentially serious injuries. Or collarbone. Or AC joints, things like that.

Here we hope for the best but expect the worst. You have to feel Darnold, who one day will get a more fit hand according to the Law of Meanings.

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