Salar Azimi will encourage his compatriots in Qatar: “The last time I was still illegitimate” | masschillin

Salar Azimi will encourage his compatriots in Qatar: "The last time I was still illegitimate" |  masschillin

masschillinThe Iranian national football team is one of the revelations of the Qatar World Cup. The country will play a vital match against the United States on Tuesday. The remarkable spectator at Al Thumama Stadium will, however, be the Dutch-Iranian Salar Azimi. The former owner of Patro Eisden has always had a special relationship with football.

In 1995, Azimis moved to Schoondijke as a poor Iranian family of asylum seekers. There were few prospects and opportunities in their homeland, especially for the very ambitious Azimis. Through hard work, they became the owners of the castle in Holland around the age of thirty. This success also reaches the world of entertainment. Azimi was known for his show The Sky is the Limit. Sipping champagne for tens of thousands of euros in Monaco or Saint-Tropez: Salar doesn’t hate it. His caviar line, with jars lined with diamonds and gold, has even become the most expensive in the world.

Patro Eisden

In the fall of 2018, Salar Azimi took charge of the Patro Esden Football Club. He had crazy times there. In 2019, he really got into himself and scored goals from the penalty spot against Sporting Hasselt. The people of Masmichelin loved it all.

Patro has been owned by a Brit since 2021. However, ties with Azimi are not yet fully severed. In the coming years he will remain the club’s main sponsor. So he deliberately sticks to a supporting role. “I want to assure Salar was the right person in the right place. The sporting successes in a championship like icing on his first season will forever be unique and will be more than a footnote in the club’s history,” Stegen told our newspaper.

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Salar Azimi and his younger brother Sasan in the 1998 match © Azimi Family


However, Salar Azimi also remains loyal to his country. The Iranian loves football, so the amount is collected quickly. And he tells us: “It was not lost on anyone that Iran won 2-0 against Wales.” “This made me decide to travel to Qatar on Sunday to watch the match against the archenemy. After all, this is how the Iranians view the United States. It would be a great bonus if I could also catch the Netherlands against Qatar on Tuesday afternoon. So I see my country The two countries in one day. What’s more: in the next round they may even compete against each other.”

Salar Azimi in his club Patro Eisen
Salar Azimi in his club Patro Eisen © Mine Dalemans

Azimi has a special story with the Iran national football team. “The only time Iran played against the United States, I was there too. It was in the group stage of the 1998 World Cup. The match was played at Stade Gerland in Lyon and Iran won 1-2. At that time I was barely 15 years old. “I lived in a center for asylum seekers and illegally traveled all the way to France to watch the match. So now I’m traveling in completely different circumstances. The Iranian people are going through difficult times. Maybe football can provide a bit of a bright spot.”

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