Russian expert Peter Water Drinker angry at talk show M: “Everything stopped for nothing” | Displays

Russian expert Peter Water Drinker angry at talk show M: "Everything stopped for nothing" |  Displays

Former Russia reporter Peter Waterdrinker angered by talk show M† Waterdrinker kept an eye on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech especially for Margriet van der Linden’s talk show, but his contribution was not ultimately included in the broadcast.

Waterdrinker opens up his heart on Twitter, where he has 28,000 followers. I’m standing in front of some k*t programs between 7 and 8 on Dutch TV to catch up on everything here in Russia (for free!). Leave everything away, even the BBC, because they want to talk to me, and then they call: “Yes, we couldn’t reach you.” huh free? ” This is it M…never again for me. He got a lot of acclaim for his message.

Editor-in-chief Erwin Schievink asserts that it was not possible to get Waterdrinker into the broadcast. Talk show editors are also very disappointed. “I also understand that he finds it annoying. We wanted to talk to Peter about Putin’s speech, because then you are on top of current events. We asked him to do this before the broadcast. During the show, he was not able to be contacted from the director. My colleague called him on the phone during the broadcast, But it didn’t work out from the director’s point of view. This is necessary to allow him to speak directly with the studio.”

Schievink is investigating the cause of the technical issues. I want to know that too. We were in touch with Peter right after the broadcast and may talk more later this week, because he’s such a good talker and we’d like to keep in touch. We’d like to put it on air.”

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