Russia and Iran are working to strengthen ties due to US sanctions

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Russia and Iran tightened ties during a summit in Uzbekistan on Thursday. According to Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, countries affected by US sanctions should go after each other and this will only strengthen countries.

Raisi expects sanctioned countries, such as Russia and Iran, to solve many problems if they work together. Americans think they can stop countries with sanctions, but they are wrong.

Russian President Vladimir Putin considers the rapprochement a “positive development”. The two countries will work on a new strategic treaty to further develop cooperation. Moscow also says it will send a delegation of 80 large Russian companies to Iran next week.


The leaders met at a two-day meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SSO), which includes, in addition to Russia, China, Pakistan and India. Iran is only an observer member of the organization, but it applied for official membership on Thursday. Putin says he supports Iran in this.

The Russian president will also meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping, whose country is also part of the SSO, at the summit in Uzbekistan. In this way, Russia can show that it is not isolated on the world stage after the invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions imposed by the West afterwards.

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