Rumors of rockets: James Harden, Russell Westbrook are unsure of the future in Houston, says the report

Rumors of rockets: James Harden, Russell Westbrook are unsure of the future in Houston, says the report

Houston Rockets goalkeepers James Harden and Russell Westbrook are each reporting concerns about the team’s future after coach Mike Dantoni and GM Daryl Morey left this off-season, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Tim McMahon said early Wednesday morning.

D’Antoni and Morey both left the franchise after another playoff for the Rockets. Houston had just swapped out Westbrook this last season, which seems like a long time ago. In the first season with Ross, the Rockets showed promise but ultimately missed their goal of reaching the NBA Finals. As a result, the Rockets promoted Raphael Stone to General Manager and appointed Stephen Silas as Head Coach.

To be very clear, none of the players asked for a deal. The report states that Harden and Westbrook have asked their representatives to contact the Rockets about concerns going forward. So this would be kind of a step 1 in a long process that might lead to Harden and / or Westbrook ordering the trade. It is the NBA. We see this all the time, especially with the stars. It’s one of the league’s coolest breakups. Star Force players possess.

The part that should give the Rockets the greatest panic is that we’ve seen Harden in the reports prior to this season. There was a rumor that Morey and his new team, the Philadelphia 76ers, would be following Harden this off-season, although Houston wouldn’t be interested. Well, should Rockets be interested in trading now? It kind of searches that way.

Harden and Westbrook make the maximum – The Beard is worth $ 40 million next season and Ross will make $ 41 million. Both players have three years left on their contract with a player option in the last year. These arches are not easy to transport but all-star keepers do not grow in trees. I mean, you could argue that Harden is the best goalscorer of our generation. Both players have won MVP awards in the past decade. It would be unprecedented if one or both of them were traded from the same team. You could be ripping a gash through the landscape in the NBA this off-season.

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