Rumor: The new Michael B Jordan Superman

Rumor: The new Michael B Jordan Superman

Today we heard that there is a new one SupermanThe movie is being made and Henry Cavill is in talks for the movie. This may not mean Cavill is playing “Man of Steel”: rumors have it that the lead role in the movie will go to Michael B.

Michael B. Jordan, better known as ao Dogma at Black Panther, I tried one before SupermanFilm for show in the capital. In this movie, he won’t be playing the original superhero Cal-El / Clark Kent, but he won’t be playing Superman from another dimension: Calvin Ellis.

Calvin Ellis: Superman is my master!

Ellis was Superman in the comics and the President of the United States. This version of Superman It was a nod to President Barack Obama, and in some comics he also fought entire wars on America’s behalf (alone). Handy, like this head of state!

The article continues after the announcement

If the rumors are true, it means DC (like Marvel) is taking a “multi-verse” approach, with different versions of superheroes living in different dimensions.

Although Henry Cavill may not be the protagonist in the novel SupermanThe movie, he can continue to play the “original” Superman. Cavell still appears to be talking to DC, and with good reason. A movie in which the two supernatural characters meet is a possibility (see for example Spider-Man inside the Spider World), Or the two copies could coexist.

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