Rumaysa, the tallest woman in the world: I feel special

Rumaysa, the tallest woman in the world: I feel special

Gilji owes her record height to the rare Weaver syndrome. A congenital disorder caused by a change in DNA. One of the features is overgrowth.

This is not always easy, she tells the Guinness Book of Records. For example, it causes health problems, she is in a wheelchair and has been bullied. She can walk with the help of a walker, but only for a short time.

However, there are benefits, she says. “It’s great to be a Guinness World Record holder. Being the only woman this tall makes me feel special.”

She says her family and the people around her are proud of her. She is the same. “This title makes me feel like I’m unique.”

She says that motivates her to achieve her goals. “Being different is not a bad thing. You can achieve things you never thought were possible.”

So she has a message for everyone who wants to hear it: “Accept yourself as you are, be aware of your potential and do your best.”

Gilji is not the tallest woman ever. The record holder is Zeng Jinlian from China. She was over 2.46 meters tall and died in 1982. Gilji Yao Defen’s ancestor, who is also Chinese, was over 2.33 meters tall. She passed away in 2012.

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