Rubicon for Three Victoria University Scholars | bulletin board

Rubicon for Three Victoria University Scholars |  bulletin board

The NWO research funder made 22 newly awarded Ph.D. researchers happy with the Rubicon scholarship. This allows them to gain research experience at the Institute of Foreign Knowledge.

In October, the NWO announced the first round of grants for 2021, and now the second and third round. This time, 23.7 percent of the 93 applications submitted were accepted. Three researchers from the University of Victoria will receive a grant.

Victoria University winners

nerves Miguel Gonzalez Lozano He received a two-year fellowship from Harvard Medical School, Department of Cell Biology for his research on Alzheimer’s disease. researcher tamarind port She was the recipient of a two-year fellowship at the Danish Center for Studies in Research and Research Policy for her research in the supervision of PhD students. climate scientists Kersey Kisquetalo She is allowed to spend two years at Northumbria University in the UK for her research on permafrost on the sea floor in the Arctic as a possible cause of global warming.

The grant winners will investigate, among other things, what judges can learn from each other to decide climate-related lawsuits, how intensive farming can bring depleted soils back into balance and why changes in DNA can lead to disease.

Of the 22 winners, 8 will go to the US and 6 to the UK. Others chose, for example, Canada, France, Mexico or Singapore. The scholarship allows them to conduct research for up to 24 months. The amount of financing depends on the chosen destination and duration of stay.

Most of the scholarships this time went to the University of Victoria, Leiden University and the University of Groningen.

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