Roy Eefting continues his career with Maloja Pushbikers

Roy Eefting vervolgt wegcarrière bij Maloja Pushbikers

CYCLING – Biker Roy Eefting from Emmen will be cycling on the road for the next two years for German Maloja Pushbikers drivers. The 33-year-old Eminar comes from the Dutch junks.

“The team believes that fun and a relaxed attitude lead to results. I believe in that myself. That appeals to me and that is something I sometimes miss with other teams,” answers Effing. “I wonder if I would actually feel that way.”

The continental team is mainly made up of Germans. But in addition to Eefting, there are also two Italians who ride bicycles. He only got to know them through a zoom meeting. Efting had already gone to Germany to take his motorcycle. Because he also gets that from his team.

“The team has a lot of affinity for track cycling. That of course is also great for me. Most teams think it’s just a ‘hassle’. They even have the ambition to create a track team as well as a road team in the future. Will I then be able to ride in World Cup competitions? , for example, is out of national selection,” Effting explains.

For years, Effing has been driving on the road in the Foreign Service. But last year he defended the Dutch Alenk colors. The outing made both parties happy.

He said before on TV Drenthe: “Dutch racing in general is very stressful and that doesn’t suit me well. And the adventure that you have abroad and not in the Netherlands, I really like.”

Eefting has had the greatest successes of his cycling career. He won three medals at the World Cup. It will start next weekend in the Cycling Champions League. It travels successively from Mallorca to Berlin and via Paris to London.

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