Rower Wierden Veldhuis into the Light Semi-Final Round | regional sport

Rower Wierden Veldhuis into the Light Semi-Final Round |  regional sport

RACING/WERDEN – Martín Wildhaus, rower Wierdense, qualified for the semi-finals in the light regatta during the World Championships in Racice, Czech Republic.

Veldhuis was “judged” in residence. She won her qualifying with a time of 7.42.91 and was 8 seconds faster than Spain’s Natalia Gomez, who crossed the finish line in second place.

eight men

The eight men rowers did not qualify directly for the final. The boat finished second behind Canada in the heat. Only number 1 got a ticket to the final. Dutch rowers rely on replays.

Rudders: Duke Vetter, Abby Wiersma, Nikki Van Sprang, Lennart van Lierop, Guillaume Krumenhoek, Michel Mantell, Jacob van de Kerkhove, Mick Macker and Gus Moly with a time of 5.31.26. The eight led most of the race, but were overtaken by Canada in the final stage, which finished the race in 5.30.39. The eight won the silver medal at the European Championships in Munich last month.

eight women

The eight women also competed on the rowing track at Racice, in a race that determined the layout of the track for the final. Bennth Bonstra, Veronique Meester, Wimkeje Clevering, Tinka Auverins, Roos de Jong, Hermente Drenthe, Marlus Oldenburg, Leila Yosefou and teammate Annick van Veenen finished third behind the US and Canada.

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