Rota is happy with the team, but new momentum must be shown in practice

Rota is happy with the team, but new momentum must be shown in practice

He has not yet been sworn in

After the Hoekstra, Dilan Yesilgöz joined Rutte, who would become the new Minister of Justice and Security on behalf of the VVD. Remarkably, she did not want to answer questions about her new job in any way after that. “It was a good conversation, and I’m looking forward to it, but I haven’t taken the oath yet. In a week I want to answer all your questions.”

Frank Werwind (D66, Minister for Legal Protection) also emphasized that he had not yet been sworn in by the King and therefore did not want to answer substantive questions. He had already said that it was a “very difficult choice” for him to give up his job as mayor of Almere.

Like Yesilgöz and future Foreign Minister Eric van der Burg (VVD, Asylum and Immigration), Weerwind has no legal background. Nevertheless, he believes it is appropriate: “I have complete confidence in the experience of officials in the ministry and look forward to meeting them.”

Diggraph in quarantine

This afternoon, you will have a digital conversation with Robert Dijkgraf (D66, Minister of Education, Culture and Science). He is in mandatory quarantine, as he recently traveled from the United States to the Netherlands. Finally, Dennis Wersma (VVD, Minister of Primary and Secondary Education) comes from the same department.

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