Root is not easy to get rid of

Root is not easy to get rid of

All the praise Sigrid Kaag has received for her approach with VVD leader Rutte deserves a comment. D66’s front wife has wanted to dump the prime minister for several months, as evidenced by her “New Leadership” campaign slogan, by which she categorically intends herself. And let’s face it, she almost does.

Almost, because Kaag miscalculated with CDA leader Wopke Hoekstra. The idea was that a censure proposal, which could count on a large majority in the House, should be enough to force Rota to resign. Kaag hinted in the discussion that she would resign if a censure warrant was passed against her. But Rota is not kag. It will hold every straw to hold its position, no matter how vibrant it is.

So no hair on his head thinking of quitting. Rute apologized intensely and promised to do his best to restore confidence. He had never considered leaving. He has a moral obligation to continue because of the nearly 2 million voters who voted for him less than a month ago, 81 percent of whom said they believed in him, despite last week’s disaster.

You can only get rid of Rutte with a movement of distrust, he immediately admits afterward, but Kaag and Hoekstra seemed to think that was a step too far. Rotti clearly lied, for sure both of them and a very large portion of the population. ChristenUnie’s Geert Jean Segers also doesn’t believe the prime minister, but he didn’t dare support the no-confidence proposal. So the three former VVD partners continued to protect the alliance’s first man, an experienced Rutte, even though they felt they shouldn’t do so.

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There were only three seats between the lawsuit and the dismissal, between Prime Minister Rutte and Prime Minister Kaag. Since Kaag can say it’s not clear that Rota will take the lead again in the lineup, VVD’er otherwise thinks with support from his group with two million votes in mind.

It is almost impossible to exclude VVD from forming a new cabinet. For most parties, there is already a taboo to cooperate with the PVV and Democracy Forum. Add to that the VVD, with three fit for 59 seats, and you’ll put four of the ten million voters in the line. This is not a pretty picture. With the remaining fourteen parties, including a relatively large number of smaller parties, it is almost impossible to form a government.

Furthermore, Kaag cannot blow high from the tower in her attempt to get rid of Root. Although it was the VVD member who wanted to bypass Peter Umtziget, her scout, Cagssa Olungren, actively participated in it. Just like Rutte, just like Jorritsma, Olongren did not remember Omtzigt being the topic of conversation. Three days after the scout meeting, all of the participants forgot what was going on around it. Wonderful case of amnesia.

Anyone who wants to get rid of Rutta, which has ruled this country under its leadership for more than ten years, must come from a good family. Wilders never succeeded in making dozens of motions of confidence. It is Thierry Bodt, who managed to knock the VVD out of first place for a short time, never ending Root’s political career.

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The only person who can turn down a Rutte is a VVD. But it really won’t kill the goose with the golden eggs (34 seats). Too many VVD members owe their place in politics to him.

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