RKC to lose Captain Melle Meulensteen: ‘Ready for the move’

Eerste training RKC, met rechts aanvoerder Meulensteen (Foto: OrangePictures)

RKC has already managed to introduce several players this summer. But the Walker family also saw Richard van der Veen leave for Australia. He certainly won’t be the only player to leave Mandemakers Stadium after a successful season. It seems that it is only a matter of time before Millie Mullenstein and Ahmet Tuba also leave.

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Yannick Wesenbeck

Captain Melle Meulensteen was at the training ground Thursday morning. It was a surprise to some because the central defender is ready to move on. Then, he noted, there was now also tangible interest from within.

“There is now a tangible interest from the Eredivisie,” says Mullenstein frankly. “It will take some time to know how long it will take, but it could be a good move in our country.”

“I’ve been at RKC for 4.5 years, which is a very long time.”

The RKC commander also knows he’s ready for the move. “The chance is slim because I will continue to play football here this season. I notice to myself that I am ready for the next step. The club knows it. Both sides are ready to move. I have been at RKC for 4.5 years, which is a very long time. Now they can make money from me and I can take good move “.

Coach Joseph Osting is also no longer dependent on Meulenstein and Tuba. “There is tangible interest for both players. I don’t count on them continuing to be there at the start of the Eredivisie. But don’t take my words seriously. If they are still there on August 6, they will just play.”

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Tuba was still absent on Tuesday afternoon. He was on vacation because he still had international commitments after the competition. Saeed Bakari was also on vacation. Shawn Adewey trained indoors due to an injury.

“Mika fits this profile.”

The one who was on the training ground was Micah Perez. The acquisition of the new Arsenal should provide goals. Austing sees him as a real team player. “Fin Stockers left, a real team player. You want to attract that profile again. Mika fits that profile.”

Furthermore, the coach hopes to introduce in-depth midfield and attacking players in the coming weeks. If Meulensteen and Touba are sold, then reinforcements will of course be considered in this situation.

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