Right-wing leader Salvini threatens to blow up Italian government | Abroad

Right-wing leader Salvini threatens to blow up Italian government |  Abroad

Salvini believes that the government is very accommodating to the left parties that are also part of the government. Since the beginning of this year, 22,000 North African migrants have arrived in Italy, which Salvini wants to stop. He also wants to reduce taxes, for example on excise duties, to improve the purchasing power of pensioners and reform the judiciary. He also wants to improve public order, especially in big cities.


Former European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi has led a multi-party government since February last year, including the populist Five Star Movement, the center-left PD and Lega. His main task is to manage the billions of euros that Italy has received and borrowed and to reform the economy. There will be new parliamentary elections next year. But the question now is whether Salvini is likely to cause a ministerial crisis.

The only opposition party is the right-wing Giorgia Meloni party, Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy). This position is paying off. During the last local elections, the party rose again. Even in northern Italy, the traditional stronghold of Lega, Fratelli d’Italia often turns out to be the biggest party. For over a year now, there has been a shift in right-wing voters from Lega to Fratelli d’Italia.


Salvini is trying in various ways to find an answer to this question. But many of his actions fail. This is true, for example, of his recently withdrawn and later withdrawn intention to go to Moscow, where he was eager to talk about peace with Russian President Putin. This led to a lot of criticism and misunderstanding, because it was not exactly an initiative on behalf of the government. While Meloni is in the opposition, like Draghi, he is on the side of NATO against Russia.

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