rick and morty movie will happen

rick and morty movie will happen

If we’re to believe Scott Marder, producer of Rick and Morty, we’re not too far from the Rick and Morty movie. So it seems that in the near future we will be able to enjoy the adventures of Morty and his grandfather Rick in the cinema. It’s not entirely clear how exactly the movie will be designed, but producer Marder notes that the movie must be absolutely epic if it wants to score on the silver screen.

Marder also says that producing an episode of the hit series does indeed feel like making a small movie, so he’s very curious to see what the entire writing team can do in an entire Rick and Morty movie. Spencer Grammer, the voice of Summer in the series, also appears to agree with Marder. According to her, the film must also go beyond the limits and this is entirely possible by also making use of 4D technology.

Rick and Morty opens the door for promotions

What you might also be looking forward to with a possible Rick and Morty movie, is that there will be a number of promotions again. For example, think back to the Szechuan sauce that has been available at McDonald’s in the US for a while to promote the new season of the series. With the new season of the hit series approaching, it might be time to announce the Rick and Morty movie, and until then we’ll just have to deal with Rick’s new skin in Fortnite.

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