Ricardo later sees advantages for GP Australia

Ricardo later sees advantages for GP Australia

After the 2020 Australian Grand Prix was canceled at the last minute due to the Coronavirus, the race will be held again in March 2021, but it didn’t come that far. Formula 1 was to turn the original calendar upside down earlier this month and as a result, the race at Albert Park in Melbourne was moved to November. Domestic hero Daniel Ricciardo He supports this decision and is happy that at least the race is still on the calendar. Al Jadid said he even sees advantages in moving deep into the second half of the season McLarenDriver Age.

“It’s definitely not a bad time as summer approaches [in Australië]Ricardo said: “On the other hand, it’s nice that the race for my home is the opening, but later in the year it also has some advantages – instead of speculating about how my season is going, we already know how McLaren and I do.” McLaren and Ricardo also have to get used to the Mercedes engine in the opening stage, while no testing is allowed. “We will not be at our best in Melbourne in March, so I personally am more confident that we will be stronger in November. The most important thing for me and the fans is that there is a race, but I certainly wouldn’t be against it if it was moved permanently later in the year.”

The Australian Open as an example for GP Australia

While the Australian Grand Prix has been moved from March 21 to November 21, the World Tennis Summit begins at the Australian Open on February 8 in Melbourne. The run-up to that tournament was chaotic, as at least 72 players are not allowed to leave their hotel room for two weeks due to infection with the Coronavirus on the charter plane that took them to Melbourne. The other participants are also currently in quarantine, but are allowed to leave their hotel rooms for five hours a day for training.

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Despite the problems the Australian Open has faced so far, Ricardo hopes the tournament will be a success, not least because the success of the Australian Open could serve as a blueprint for the Australian Grand Prix in November. “I am a huge tennis fan and will definitely watch it. I hope they get it done because somehow it is an example of how we can make our event successful in November. If the Australian Open goes smoothly, it’s good for us. It’s a daring challenge for the city to take on and I like it.”

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