Rhino Valencia: Tim-Uwe Hoffman loses second horse

Rhino Valencia: Tim-Uwe Hoffman loses second horse

Tim Uwe Hoffman, here with Kasta Lee – Photo: U25 Springpokal

After the Tim-Uwe mare summit Hoffman Casta Lee at the end of February (v. Cassus) who lost after an outbreak of a rhinoceros on the CES tour of Valencia in Spain, and now a second horse has died from the jumping German show from the effects of the virus. It’s about eleven-year-old mare Call me Cinderella (v. Colman).

Call me Cinderella died after a ten-day battle at a clinic. Of the six horses that Tim Uwe Hoffman brought to Valencia, only four have returned home.

Meanwhile, six German horses have already died from the virus outbreak: four in Valencia and two after returning to Germany.

In shock

The return trip for the healthy horses from the “green zone” in Valencia is planned for the end of next week, upon availability of the necessary documents. The Lüsche Veterinary Clinic accompanies the horses back. “Tim will fly to Spain to drive his horses home in the truck himself,” his mother told the German website Spring-Replication. The young rider is still in shock and hasn’t sat on the saddle since Casta Lee passed away.

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