Review of one of the best homework apps for iPhone

Review of one of the best homework apps for iPhone

What is Todoist?

Well, as you can read in the title of this post, Todoist is a complete task management app, not very complete as it has certain functions that make this your favorite app for keeping track of all your daily tasks.

With Todoist, you can manage all your daily tasks, you only need to write what you need to do and put the said task on the day you want to complete it, with ease, and that is just, the simplicity of Todoist, one of the strengths of this application, intuitive but complete, it is not You have to break your head to organize yourself, it is simple and straightforward, but at the same time, loaded with functions that will be very useful to organize all your tasks well.

To add a task, just press the “+” symbol that you find at the bottom right of the iPhone screen, type what you need to do, set a date, a project, a priority, and that’s it. Don’t worry, we’re now going to go into more detail to talk about the different projects and types of priorities, but at the start, it’s easy to add a task to your to-do list.

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Organize your tasks into projects

Maybe there are users who just want to use Todoist to keep track of their daily tasks and don’t need to pin down specific tasks with specific projects, but there are also other users who do, and of course Todoist thought of them as well.

In this app, you can create as many projects as you want, and when creating a task, assign it to the project you want. In addition, on the main screen of the application you can view all your projects and assign different colors to them to get to know them in the best possible way. For example, the “College” project will be only for adding tasks like “do my math homework” and “Reading” will connect all your book challenges.

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Set different priorities for your tasks

One of the keys to being truly productive in your daily life is the ability to identify which tasks are really a priority and which are not, Todoist developers have also thought about this, this way you will be able to assign up to 4 different types of priority, so that priority tasks appear. The higher the earlier on your list than the lower priority ones.

This is a really interesting job, especially in order to be able to create more or less important tasks within each project and also, of course, in your daily life, so that you are able or know which tasks you should focus on. In the first place, and which ones you should leave for later because they don’t require that priority.

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How can we visualize our tasks?

Todoist gives you the ability to view your tasks in a variety of ways, all of which can be accessed from the app’s home screen. First, you get access to your inbox, where you can see all tasks that are not associated with any project. After that, if you click on “Today”, you will be able to access those tasks that you need to do today, but if you want access to a “Calendar” where the tasks are shown in chronological order, just click “Next” which will take you to the view Where you will have the tasks that you have to perform on each of your days, and the display is the same as in the “Today” section except that after today, the rest of the available days appear, as if we had a calendar display in the form of a list.

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The range of possibilities for viewing your tasks does not end here, if you realize this, all projects that you create will also appear on this main screen, because if you click on any of them, the application will take you to a view where you can view the tasks that you have linked to this specific project.

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Premium options

Todoist is a free app, in fact, most people will have more than enough with this version, however, if you want to go further in organizing your tasks and projects, you can also choose the premium version that has some functions that will definitely be very useful to you.

If you access the premium version, you will initially be able to pay monthly or annually, depending on your preferences, but we’ll talk with you about what really matters, and the benefits that Todoist Premium offers.

Primarily, you will be able to set unlimited reminders, so that the app itself will warn you, when you choose, that you have to perform a specific task. You can add comments and files to your tasks and projects, as well as use all the tags and filters you want, both those that come by default in the app and those that you can create yourself. Todoist Premium also gives you the opportunity to showcase your weekly and monthly progress through color-coded graphics, choose more customizable themes for your app and its icon, and the ability to make backups automatically.

Todoist 5

A multi-platform application

Finally, another great feature of Todoist is that everything you do and manage from your iPhone can also be done from your iPad or Mac, since the syncing is done through your Todoist account, thus, you will always have access, on any device. And at any time, to your agenda or to-do list so that you don’t forget anything and you can achieve all the goals that you set for your day.

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