Review of “between us” too slow? “ Adding people won’t get faster, ” explains the development team ๐Ÿ’ฆ | 4Gamers

Review of "between us" too slow?  `` Adding people won't get faster, '' explains the development team ๐Ÿ’ฆ |  4Gamers

The werewolf in the big sky between us that was suddenly revived last summer is still the favorite game for many communities of players and live broadcasters, but after playing for so long, I naturally look forward to the time when new content will come for the next review. According to the latest official announcement, Innersloth explained why the update had a slow pace.

Last year, Innersloth announced the presence of the new “Airship” map for “Between Us” at the TGA Awards last year, which made players look forward to new gameplay and maps, but it appears that there is no specific date until the map review.

Faced with the game’s surprising popularity, Innersloth decided to cancel the development of the second generation and started a series of rollercoaster-like journeys, including games released on Switch, Xbox and Epic Games platforms, so the latest announcement was made as well. Long text explanation.

Why did all this take so long?

The movie “Between Us” received an incredible amount of attention in 2020 that we did not expect, and we are also facing many changes. We don’t have a mind to invest a lot of organizational work. Instead, we have to go back and develop the “between us” that we thought was complete, and we have to make adjustments to keep us in a state of sustainable development for the game.

We spent two months rebuilding, putting in place new operations, and looking for outside partners to help us on the right path. Originally, this game was created with only 3 friends (now I’m fourth, hello). If we want to make development work for the long term and recruit people, we have to simplify some processes.

These are the work that goes on behind the scenes. Although it has nothing to do with game development, it can make current and future development work more smooth. Not to mention there are other platforms (like Nintendo Switch and Xbox) to deal with it, all of which need support, confirmation, and implementation.

We have received assistance from distribution platform partners, but we still need to ensure work in the future so that we can continue to support these platform releases. There are still a lot of things that are hard to control (legal affairs, meetings, planning), so at this time, it’s best if you take a long time to discuss them.

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Of course, some players might ask, Why isn’t Innersloth recruiting more people to develop? The announcement also stated that, in fact, it is not so simple. Adding more people does not mean that the speed of development will speed up, or it may slow down the progress. After all, new employees still need training, networking, programming, and art style. Coordination etc.

At the same time, Innersloth reiterated that they have never experienced such a drastic change before, so they hope everything will be stable and stable to ensure that the future development of the game can continue smoothly and without errors.


Finally, Innersloth confirmed that a new map will be released in 2021, but it will not announce a revision date until it cannot be confirmed.

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