Review: Lenovo Smart Display makes a terrible tablet, but a decent home assistant

Review: Lenovo Smart Display makes a terrible tablet, but a decent home assistant

You might think that all sounds good and good, but if you feel like an “but” coming, you’d be right. Dear reader, this is a very large “but”.


A smart screen might be a great piece of art for people who hold back from the idea of ​​having a complicated piece of technology, but it does half the things that a regular tablet or smartphone can do so far that takes up twice the space.

No amount of wood veneer or futuristic shaping can detract from the sheer ineffectiveness of the smart screen. Aside from the three things I did the most: Watch videos on YouTube, listen to music on Spotify and check out nacho recipes, I couldn’t do anything else.

Frankly, it doesn’t “do” much at all.

After sitting down and trying as many different voice commands as I could possibly think of, I was frustrated when the simple tasks my phone had accomplished at the start of the smart screen failed.

Check out last night’s sports results? No luck. Do you open apps like Twitch, Facebook, or Twitter? These apps are not supported yet. Check my email inbox? Sorry, we didn’t understand this.

This device might be Santa’s little helper when it comes to opening a digital recipe book, but when it comes to accomplishing real-world tasks to simplify your life, it’s not helpful.

Even using transcription gets boring at the end. Trying to cycle through apps like YouTube is fun for the first five minutes, but in the end, Carmen Sandiego’s non-stop play just to get to the latest K-pop song is tiring.

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So here’s the deal. If you forgo technology and want something that sits on the scarf, look good and read recipes as you sift through cake batter, then this Lenovo Smart Display is for you.

But as a tech person who is recognized and pulls off new features, specs and tricks, the streamlined and streamlined service offered by Smart Display is not for me.

Oskar was equipped with a Lenovo Smart Display for this review.

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