Reunion MAFS Australia is totally out of control

Reunion MAFS Australia is totally out of control

This week, the previous participants held a meeting to gather candidates from several seasons of the popular program. From the infamous Nasser, Troy & Ashley (season 5) to Mike and Heidi (season 6). But also Joe who got involved in 2018 and has since been unknown. Put all these exotic together, and you’ll enjoy a scenic evening!

To start a positive note, Martha and Michael are still together. Now we had a good feeling with them anyway, but it’s still cute. Martha herself believes that the sixth season, in which she was herself, is the best. Troy and Ashley from the previous season are no longer together, but Troy is very happy to change that. The rest of the club is encouraged by it, but Ashley is less enthusiastic.

Former contestant Nasser spread after him MavsAdventure has a lot of negativity about his fellow candidates, so he was by no means a positive focus. When he wants to explain himself to the group during the reunion, Mike intervenes: “Nobody cares, my friend. I’ve talked about everyone in this room, sit down. Nobody needs to hear that.” Then the group “kindly” asked him to leave. Plenty for a relaxed atmosphere.

Of course, Mike’s comments from Season 6 (“I’m not your healer, this isn’t a cure”) could not be made unannounced. Now, about two years later, he says he regrets his clumsy comments. Mike adds that he and Heidi are at rest. In the same season, Jessica was also responsible for a great deal of drama and she pulls the burlap too and says she’s sorry. But Cyril, from the same season, does not care much about that. Upon entering, Jess tried to welcome her, but Cyril disliked: “I don’t wake up for trash.” And therefore. Tone has been selected.

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When Cyrell confronts Jess with a statement (she allegedly said that Cyrell is using her son for publicity), things get out of control. In no time, Cyrell throws a glass of wine at Jess, who then leaves the room. When you come back after a little while, the pitch starts over and you get another amount of wine on it. And that while Jess immediately claimed he had “changed.”

On the positive side, we’ll stick with Cyrell: the friendship between her and Lizzie has been rekindled. They were good friends during the program, but after that the connection got weaker. When Cyril is affected and leaves the table after a confrontation with Nasser, Lizzie immediately comes to offer a comfortable hand. He really goes in all directions during this dinner. “I’m still my daughter,” says Lizzie. Cyril: I miss you Liz, you became a mother and we quarreled … and at that time I just missed my girlfriend.

The program is also very successful in the Netherlands. Although this does not apply to husbands …

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