Returning to Australia, Sainz believes: ‘It is a shame to withdraw immediately’

Returning to Australia, Sainz believes: 'It is a shame to withdraw immediately'

Carlos Sainz had to deal with a disappointment in his second grand prix of the weekend in a row. During the race in Australia, the Ferrari driver retired after a mistake on his part and on the first lap of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, the driver got stuck in the gravel again after calling Daniel Ricciardo. Sainz promises improvement is coming.

Things went wrong for the Spaniard at the start of the race. The driver didn’t get out of the starting position well and ended up in danger. “I didn’t get the best start compared to Leclerc,” the Ferrari driver added in front of the camera. Sky Sports† Sainz’s teammate also didn’t have a strong start against the Red Bulls. “Now we have to go and see what went wrong.”

Before the first corner kick, Sainz was already in between the midfield struggle. He entered the first corner of the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari with Ricciardo, which was bad for both drivers. “Ricciardo hit the pavement while I left a lot of space. He lost the front of the car and ran towards me. I got stuck in the gravel again and didn’t have much to do with it.

Sainz: I have to get over this

So for Sains, this was the second consecutive Grand Prix weekend that he failed to finish. He hurt the driver even more, because he was racing home for his stable. “It’s a tough moment because I wanted to show good racing to the fans. It would be a shame to drop out right away. I just need to get through these moments. As long as I keep working hard, the situation will get better.”

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