Retired Italian teacher leaves fortune of tens of millions | Abroad

Retired Italian teacher leaves fortune of tens of millions |  Abroad

A retired teacher from Genoa has left 25 million euros for charities and hospitals. 96-year-old Marisa Kavanagh, who passed away in December, was never married and always led a lonely life. The reason for her wealth remains a mystery.

Its total assets reached around 40 million euros and also included a large villa in Genoa. Part of the money will go to human rights organizations in Italy, including Amnesty International. A children’s hospital in Genoa, where the same teacher once treated, is allowed to receive 5 million. The rest of the money goes to the niece, some friends and the counselor. The woman who helped Kavanagh in the last months of her life can also get a piece of it, and according to local media, she receives 3.7 million.

Where did Kavanagh’s fortune come from remains a mystery yet. Her just revealed will will speak of the origin of the Kontarini noble family. Local media suspected the highly religious woman inherited the property herself and then carefully maintained it.

Self-written obituary

Marisa Kavanagh wrote her obituary in the local Genoa newspaper Il Secolo XIX. It brings back fond memories of many of the former students she met during her career.

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