Researchers find a sunken ship off Antarctica in 1915 | Abroad

Researchers find a sunken ship off Antarctica in 1915 |  Abroad

The endurance was not seen after 1915, and previous searches for the wreck were unsuccessful. For the Endurance22 expedition, which began last month, an area in the Weddell Sea has been identified as a pre-departure search site. The ship was found there at a depth of 3,008 meters.

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Pictures published by the researchers show that the ship is still in good condition after more than a century. For example, the Endurance text can still be read on board the ship. The ship is protected as a historic site and monument by the Antarctic Treaty. This means that debris must not be touched or disturbed while searching or taking pictures.

Shackleton was the first to cross Antarctica on foot, but his ship never made landfall. It got stuck in the ice in January 1915. Those on board remained on board, but decided to leave the ship in October because it had crashed. Using lifeboats they managed to reach the uninhabited Elephant Island. Shackleton and five others then made the trip in a boat to South Georgia, where they could seek help for those left behind.

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