Research: Superheroes exercise a lot, eat healthy food and have a positive outlook on life

Research: Superheroes exercise a lot, eat healthy food and have a positive outlook on life

A scene from the movie Thor: Ragnarok with the superheroes Hulk, Thor, Valkyrie and Loki from left to right.Image Marvel Studios via AP

This week is evidenced by a study published in the Christmas edition of the lukewarm dignity that is usually generous British Medical Journal. Researchers have watched 24 Marvel movies and studied the characters in depth. Despite the daunting task on their shoulders – it’s not easy to save the multiverse again and again – the superheroes seemed to follow well-known lifestyle advice. They exercise a lot, eat healthy food and have a positive outlook on life – even if the evil Thanos is about to wipe out half the world’s population, they can still joke around.

While the humans quickly sit down during the meeting, Marvel superheroes stop or even walk around. A factor not to be underestimated for healthy aging, according to clinical psychology professor Eric Scherder. “Superheroes lead by example.”


However, researchers point out that superheroes are not perfect. For example, a large green hull with a BMI of 120 passed the “morbid obesity” stage. And his constant state of rage (“That’s my secret, Captain, I’m always angry”) is no doubt beneficial to his mental health.

According to Doctors, Teenager Peter Parker Should Almost Fall From Sleep Deprivation: Instead of Sleeping Swinging Like Him Spider Man Across New York at night. miserable childhood Black Widow It must have caused some trauma. And Iron Man? His wealth and intelligence gave him a head start in a healthy old age, but his alcohol abuse (“Give me Scotch, I’m starving!”) can negate that.

However, it is questionable whether lifestyle has a significant impact on the health of the superheroes studied. The researchers did not take into account their own powers; It made investigation almost impossible. Many superheroes recover miraculously from injuries and illnesses. Some may not die at all. So it’s a little cheating, being a superhero.

However, only humans can learn something from superheroes, says neuropsychologist Scherder. The article presents all known ideas about a healthy lifestyle. Healthy food, plenty of exercise, enough mental challenge: these superheroes do it very well. On the other hand, we have moved away a lot from the superhero lifestyle.

In the annual Christmas edition of British Medical Journal There are more scientific studies and at the same time light. For example, saying “not rocket science” unfairly puts rocket scientists on a pedestal, according to a group of British doctors. A series of IQ tests showed that they are not much smarter than others.

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