Rescue of a 10-year-old Australian boy and father from a flooded bush

Rescue of a 10-year-old Australian boy and father from a flooded bush
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In Australia, a 10-year-old boy and his father were rescued by helicopter from a car stranded in a flooded jungle. According to Australian media, three of their companions walked 50 kilometers through remote areas of Australia to get help.

The group of four adults and the boy were driving west of Mount Isa in northwest Queensland, a 24-hour drive from Brisbane, when their car got stuck in flood waters on Sunday evening.

After spending the night in the car, three of the party decided to sound the alarm. After a 12-hour flight, they arrived at a police station in the area. Moments later, father and son were rescued.

The girl

La Niña has a strong impact on the current Australian summer. La Niña is often accompanied by more heavy rain and tropical cyclones than usual. This is in stark contrast to the massive wildfires that ravaged the country last summer.

Previously, people were also stuck in the bush

Northern Queensland is a very large and inhospitable country and it is really difficult to travel during times of drought and floods caused by heavy rains do not make it any better. Also on Tuesday, a few travelers were separately trapped in the flooded bush.

In Iran, too, people ran into trouble in a remote area a few days ago.

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