Republicans win the expected majority in the House of Representatives

Republicans win the expected majority in the House of Representatives


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Republicans won a majority in the US House of Representatives. The last requested seat came from California. The Senate previously went to the Democrats. Divisions in Congress will make it difficult for President Biden to govern.

Prior to the election, the Democrats still held majorities in both houses. But just over a week after the election, Republicans have won the necessary 218 seats in the House of Representatives. It was expected to win the match here, but surprisingly, the difference is very small.

Overall, the outcome of last Tuesday’s election is a huge win for President Biden. An incumbent party usually loses in midterm elections, but Biden pulled off one of the best results ever by a sitting president in mid term.

Partly because of high inflation, the Republicans were expected to score a major victory. However, the expected “red wave” that would pass over the United States did not materialize. Especially the Republican candidates who received the vocal support of Donald Trump did less than expected.

Congratulations from Biden

President Biden congratulated Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on the victory. McCarthy will succeed Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. Biden said he looks forward to working with House Republicans “to get results for hard-working families.”

McCarthy replied on Twitter for his party’s victory. “Republicans have officially ‘flipped’ the House of Representatives. Americans are ready to embark on a new path, and House Republicans are ready to make it happen.”

Because Republicans control the House of Representatives, Biden and the Democrats are not expected to get any major bills or legislative amendments through Congress in the next two years.

A House win gives Republicans the power to curb Biden’s political agenda. Republicans, for example, can now launch parliamentary investigations.

In response to two impeachment attempts by Democrats against Trump, they are preparing investigations into officials within the Biden administration, into the business history of the president’s son, Hunter Biden, and the president himself. Internationally, the Republicans could try to reduce military and economic aid to Ukraine.

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