Report: Jadvon Clooney expects to sign the Giants Contract amidst the attention of the saints | Bleacher report

Jadeveon Clowney of the Seattle Seahawks plays during the second half of the NFL playoff match against the Philadelphia Eagles, Sunday January 5, 2020, in Philadelphia.  (AP Photo / Chris Szagola)

Chris Zagula / Associated Press

Jadvion Clooney, the hard-line Free Agent, reportedly found a final home with the Tennessee Titans.

Per ESPN’s Diana Rossini, Clowney is expected to sign with the Titans after attracting strong interest from New Orleans Saints.

However, Clooney told the NFL reporter Josina Anderson He has not decided where to sign.

The 27-year-old had 31 tackles, three bags and 13 captains for the Seattle Seahawks in 13 games in the regular season. It also re-intercepted a 27-yard landing and forced a 10-yard tumble.

He was particularly exceptional in his 27-24 extra road win over San Francisco 49, collecting five quarterbacks, five tackles, scooper and the aforementioned score.

However, core, knee and hip injuries slow him down in 2019 and forced him to miss three matches.

The Seahawks landed on Clowney in a pre-season trade with Houston Texans in September 2019. He played five years in Houston after finishing first in the 2014 NFL Draft, making three Pro Bowls and collecting 29 bags in 62 matches.

Clooney has received much praise for his defense of running over the years, with Focus on professional football He is credited with the title of the second best defender of 2018.

The former South Carolina defensive finale may not have the flashy stats expected from his college knockout, but he was a solid defender against pass and sprinting and should be a huge asset for Tennessee.

Mike Frappel, coach of the Titans, coached the Texas Back in the first three seasons of the NFL Clowney from 2014 to 2016.

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Clowney joins the Titans who can use some swipe assistance.

Harold Landry is the only returning player to win more than five bags last year, and the team as a whole finished in 14th place in the league with a score of 43.

This includes defensive line player Guriel Casey (5.0 bags) and full back Logan Ryan (4.5 bags), who are now with the Denver Broncos and the New York Giants now, respectively.

Clowney doesn’t post flashy liars and he’s never had 10 or more a year, but teams still need to get into him in the pass-and-run situations.

That could open up more opportunities for titans like Landry, new full back Vic Beasley and defensive line man Jeffery Simmons, among others, to do more plays.

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