Repair of the overcrowded Paris ring road: ‘Grey lines become green area’ | car

Repair of the overcrowded Paris ring road: 'Grey lines become green area' |  car

It is 35 kilometers long, drives more than a million cars a day, and motorists are always stuck somewhere honking and swearing, and it stinks of exhaust fumes: OceanThe famous ring road in Paris. A nuisance to many residents and shocking to quite a few tourists. This two-by-four-lane road will have to be completely repaired in the coming years.

This is the proposal of the mayor of socialist Paris, Anne Hidalgo. “We will turn those gray lanes into a green zone between now and 2030,” Hidalgo said when presenting her plans.

70,000 trees will be planted on an area of ​​ten hectares around the ring road. The number of lanes will be reduced from two to three, with one lane on each side designated for buses and motorists.

In this way, the number of motorists in the city should be further reduced. Hidalgo previously decided to build bus lanes and bike paths on a large scale. The greening of the Ring Road should also ensure a better living environment for the 500,000 people living along the road.

Poisonous gases

It has been known for some time that air pollution in the French capital is sometimes very dangerous, in part due to traffic congestion. Research last year found that 60,000 residents of Paris and the surrounding area were exposed to levels of toxic substances in the air that exceeded legal limits. One of the biggest culprits: traffic on the Ring Road.

A sketch of what the new ring road should look like. © AFP

However, the new green plans with Ocean† In recent years, Mayor Hidalgo has also proposed turning the area around the Champs Elysees into a city park. This plan turned out to be very ambitious and was quietly buried. Only the sidewalks will be updated and some plants added.

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The police are not happy

Hidalgo’s ring road plan came under fire even before the official presentation, notably by the police. Corridors are of “national importance” and are necessary for security services. For example, the French Ministry of Defense is located on the Ring Road. The Metropolitan Police said Mayor Hidalgo was therefore not allowed to decide on the amendments alone.

The controversy is also about the “exclusive corridor”. Police say this could be used in 2024 by Olympic Games participants and stakeholders, as the Parisian city council wants. But then everything remains uncertain. Hidalgo will first have to consult the police and the regional administration.

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