Rep. Van Genken quits Twitter: “Hate focused on me being transgender” | Policy

Rep. Van Genken quits Twitter: "Hate focused on me being transgender" |  Policy

Member of Parliament Lisa van Genken stops using the social media Twitter. According to the representative of the people, it appears to be a “place of hate”. “The hate is directed at everything and everyone with me and in particular at being transgender.”

The deputy wrote this in an extended post on Twitter. When she took to social media two years ago, she hoped it would be a place to engage in conversation with people. But this is against politicians. “It quickly turned into a place of hate.”

According to her, Twitter is “not a place where people are curious about each other”, or “where people take the time to have a good conversation”. The politician calls it “a place where people measure each other, paint negative images and insult each other.” ,, or worse. A place where armies of trolls and hate bots operate to fuel polarization. Unfortunately, that polarization did not continue on Twitter.” “Twitter discussions almost always flow into talk show schedules, newspaper pages, and parliamentary debates. And this is how Twitter defines our social discussion through a revenue model based on paradoxes. ”

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For her, that was “enough,” she said. She wants to prevent her “tweets or likes from fueling this dynamic.” I prefer to focus on my task as an MP: to control and strengthen our government. And there are plenty of other ways to interact with people in the community. You don’t need Twitter for that.”

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Her work was also great because Van Ginneken talks about digital affairs, among other things. In her letter, she concludes that regulation of social media platforms is “much needed”. As a Member of Parliament, I am committed to this. But as Twitter users, we also have a role to play.”

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