Renée Bogart will run the O’Learys sports bar

Renée Bogart will run the O'Learys sports bar

Leidschendam – René Bogart, a well-known businessman in the catering business of Feestcafe ‘t Biggetje (formerly), Huis van Oranje and current branches of Volle Maan and various Pavarotti branches in the region, will be the first Dutch branch of O’Learys sports bar in Westfield Mall of the Netherlands ( Leidsburg).

Sportsbar O’Learys is (from Sweden) a fully family entertainment concept with already 120 locations around the world.

In addition to all kinds of sports that you can watch here on up to 100 screens spread over 3 floors, you can also eat food from American cuisine with steaks, ribs, burgers, salads, wings, fish and chips, etc. The restaurant has 500 seats but is divided into all kinds of levels, corners, that you never feel like you end up in a big hall. Many of the corners also have their own sound zones so that every sporting match has its own sound. Additionally, the restaurant has a number of friend tables where you have your very own beer tap.

There will be 5 themed karaoke rooms where you can put on your favorite artist’s shoes. Over 40,000 songs are available. Plus 8 hyper bowling lanes where you can play Hyperbowling in addition to regular bowling. Hyperbowling can only be played in a few places in the Netherlands and it makes bowling a lot easier and dynamic with its shelves and moving light. Pool and darts tables are also available for everyone, but there are also shuffleboards that are popular in Scandinavia.

Everyone can be entertained here. Friends, colleagues, children, parents, and even your grandparents. But of course there are also a lot of Arcade games for all ages and there is also a 4×3 meter video wall where you can watch the best matches together.

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Artists will exhibit regularly at O’Learys. “The first contacts have already been made if possible (at a later date) this year,” said Bogart of Big Horeca, which so far operates 12 catering outlets in the area.

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